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Top Of The Range Quartz Glass Coating

Improve Scratch Resistance Up To 9H

Cosmics X1 9H Quartz Glass


X1 9h Quartz Glass is a revolutionary product for paintwork surface protection. It form a thin crystalline film which increase in thickness of 0,5 - 5 micron and a high pencil hardness of 9h which improve anti scratch characteristice. it provide a very high clarity and transparenty with a mirror reflective gloss up to 3 years.X1 9h Quartz Glass encases your car in a shield of extremely durable hard glass layer. Protect against corrosion, oxidation, acid rain, weather, UV and thermal resistance .


Durability - up to 36 months

Hardness - 9H

pH Tolerance - 2 - 11

Glossiness - Darken with deep mirror gloss


Cosmics X2 7H Quartz Glass


X2 7h Quartz Glass is an inorganic glass liquid. It initiates a chemical reaction when reacts with moisture in the air it turn into glass like object. It provide a layer of scratch resistance up to 7h pencil hardness which reduce washing marring marks and fine line scratch. The property of X2 7h Quartz Glass also protect the paintwork against harmful UV ray, acis rain, corrosion and oxidation. 7h Quartz Glass not only protect your paintwork but also produce a glossy finishing .


Durability - up to 24 months

Hardness - 7H

pH Tolerance - 2 - 11

Glossiness - High glossy finishing


Cosmics X3 Hybrid Coating


X3 Hybrid Coating is an advanced glass coating of inorganic - organic hybrid materials . It offer semi-permanent coating with ultra durable water and dirt repellency function. Hybrid of of quartz based inorganic base coat offer hardness and durability and organic fluorine layer offer excellent water repellency with slick and high gloss top-coat.

X3 have a superb hydrophobic effect, is stain resistance, anti static and it can effectively prevent deterioration to the paint surface caused by acid rain and other oil and dust particles. As a result, the car surface is bright and radiant and has a prolonged aappearance of that new car look,. X3 is the most advanced type of coating in Japan .


Durability - up to 12 months

Hardness - 7H

pH Tolerance - 2 - 11

Glossiness - High gloss with slickness and water repellency


Cosmics W3 Wheel Coating

W3 Wheel Coating specifically designed to resist brake dust, tar and general road contaminants. This alloy wheel protective coating makes cleaning wheels so quick and easy. The dirt just comes off with a spray. The surface is also protected from degradation.

Durability - 6 - 9 months

pH Tolerance - 2 - 11

Heat Resistance - up to 350 c


Cosmics W4 Windscreen Coating

W4 Winscreen Rain Repellent Nano Coating is a durable coating based on chemical nanotechnology for windscreen which repel water , rain , dirt and help keep the windscreen clean and clear. Wipers become almost redundant at speed above 60km as rain water is repelled as soon as it falls.




Durability - up to 12 months

pH Tolerance - 2 - 11

Car wash and jet wash resistance

Cosmics W5 Trim & Plastic

W5 Trim & Plastic Coating is a restorer that makes virtually any plastic and faded trim surface look like new again. It helps eliminate any old wax build up and other contaminants while leaving behind a gorgeous dark finish and UV protection.




Durability       - 6 - 9 months

pH Tolerance - 2 - 11


Cosmics M3  Zero Spots

Advanced formula safely dissolves hard-water deposited mineral residues before etching can occur.

Compatible and safe on all Cosmics Coating.

Apply M5 HydroBead after using M3 Zero Spots

Cosmics M5 HydroBead

-Instant water repellency

-Maintenance use for Cosmics Coating

-Apply dry or wet

-Durability up to 3 months

-Recommend to use after car wash

Cosmics Polishing Compound


On hard clearcoat(Audi,BMW,Mercedes)or aged paint it is often necessary to be able to rely on abrassive polish that can effectively cut through heavy swirl and other defects successfully. Cosmics P1 Fastcut is one such polish. Using a firm compounding pad and rotary polisher,P1 Fastcut is able to cut through even the severest of swirl mark to our satisfaction.

Most of the time,this compounding will leave holograms in the paint , this is normal for such a polish.We then refine the fershly cut paint to a high level of gloss with Cosmics P2 Final Finish .

P1 Fast Cut Polishing Compound

P1 Fast Cut compound effectively remove #1500 grit sanding scratches , water marks , swirl marks and oxidation on hard ceramic clear coat


Micro abrasives

Low dust

P2 Final Finish Compound

P2 Final Finish removes #2500 grit sanding marks from the paint and eliminates compounding haze to leave the paint to a high gloss finish .


Micro abrasives

Low dust

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