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About Cosmics - Advanced Glass Coating



ISO 9001 certified





Cosmics - A Revolutionary Quartz Glass Coating Products with a high clarity and transparency crystalline film. Existing paint protection products simply cannot compete with the outstanding performance and durability of COSMICS Advanced Glass Coating. It is a complex formula , hardened glass layer which bonds and cross links to the paint surface to provide a protective hard coating layer. The adhesion and cohesion perforamce of the products is outstanding.


Liquid glass (silica and siloxane) is a clear and pure liquid which solodfied on contact with air, that provides extremely durable layer with high gloss protection that usually last more than 3 years.


This thin crystalline film increase surface thickness, hardness and is able to exhibit self cleaning properties and improve hydrophobicity. Dirt is easily washed off, ensuring that treated car stay looking cleaner for longer period of time. It preserve and enhance the newly coated surface a level of  richer, glossier, glassy, smoothness, shininess and slickness look and feel .


With COSMICS Paint Protection, your car is encased in a shield of extremely durable hard glass layer resistance to corrosion, oxidation, harsh weather elements, fallout contamination, harmful UV as well as prevent and reduce future washing marring marks and ables less effort during cleaning stages. This is how COSMICS Quartz Glass were intended to work.

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